Five Favorites


It’s winter here in Boston and it’s cold. We’ve been spending a lot of time inside on the weekends with a strong need for Roozle to move her body. We have a few favorites this winter that are keeping her moving and providing lots of fun for us too.

1. The Slide: A few months ago we ordered Roozle a slide for inside. The plan was to fold it up and put it away when she wasn’t using it. I suppose that’s still the plan, but she’s never not using it. It has become a very important part of our living room. It hasn’t stopped her from climbing on us all the time, but it helps.

2. The Scooter: We bought her a little scooter at the beginning of last summer. She liked it quite a bit, but it is way more popular inside the house than it was outside. Her favorite trick is to ride it as fast as she can and crash into the door at the end of our hallway. It’s awesome.

3. The Skateboard: I bought a fancy skateboard in college when I liked to pretend to be a skater. It provided lots of late night fun as my friends and I all tried to show each other that we knew how to use it. And then we fell. In a parking lot. Now it’s an inside favorite. Roozle especially likes the skateboard for giving her dolls rides around the house. There’s lots of room for friends. I like to push her down the hall to crash into the door. Our poor door.

4. Furniture obstacle course: One of the best things about having a slide in your living room is the ability to arrange a bit of furniture into an awesome obstacle course that ends with a slide. And when the table is a part of the course, you’re totally allowed to stand on it. That’s Roozle’s favorite part.

5. Washi Tape: We love washi tape. We can hang ribbons with it in the hall to make a carwash for the skateboard to ride through. It makes a perfect balance beam on the kitchen floor. And it rules for start lines and finish lines for inside racing.

What are your favorites for inside play?

Author: Casey

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