In Case You Missed It


When I first started this weekly feature here I should’ve also started keeping track of how many times I wrote and would continue to write In Casey You Missed It. Apparently I don’t have enough practice writing case.

Writing every day totally rules. Let’s review what happened around here this week.

Sunday was all about apologies. There are some amazing comments on this one, head over to continue the conversation.

Monday I wrote about a reward chart we recently bought for Roozle. And how it didn’t work out.

Tuesday I wrote about how seeing people online, we are really just seeing a glimpse and it’s not the whole story.

Wednesday was a look at what we’ve been up to around here lately.

Thursday I wrote about school lunches in the Boston Public Schools.

Friday I loved the internet.

I also spent a bit of time on the LesbianFamily instagram account. Are you following that? You should. Because it’s awesome. I’ve also been doing a bit more instagramming myself. I’ve been trying out some new apps and enjoying the lighter days as we work our way through winter over here.

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Author: Casey

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