I Love The Internet

I love the internet. Really.

I love the internet. This week features Jodie Foster, my favorite Mormon, and a reminder to keep your eyes on your own work. Let’s get started.

i love the internet twitter 1.15.13

The highlight of twitter this week was the Golden Globes. Because we don’t have a tv, I cringe at the start of these types of shows expecting to have no idea what people are talking about. And usually I stick around to enjoy the ride. This one was of course, all about Jodie Foster. And Claire Danes. Fine with me.


I met Casey at BlogHer last summer. At a party called Sparklecorn. Two Casey’s. One a latte obsessed lesbian atheist. The other a caffeine free straight Mormon. It doesn’t get any better than that. I found out later that she’s a blogger and a master instagrammer. She totally rules. Most of her pictures are of her two gorgeous daughters and the rest are of her one eyed cat. His name is Wink. He has thumbs. You can read her blog at MooshInIndy.com and find her on Instagram over here. Thank you Other Casey for the permission to post a glimpse into your instagrammy goodness!


Keep Your Eyes On Your Own Work:
Do you determine your own successes and failures based on watching others succeed or fail? I sometimes get caught up in big plans for myself for this coming year and what I could be doing when really all I want to be doing is this. But better. I have so much I want to do here that if I start looking outward too much I get overwhelmed and distracted and have less to give to what I really want. Can you relate to this? Not just in writing, but at work, or in parenting, or even in social media with the likes and follows and comments. What would happen if we all really just focused on our own work and made it rule?

I’m Afraid of Kindergarten: I hate testing in schools. I hated it when I was in school and I hate it even more now. Especially this week, as we are preparing to register Roozle for the kindergarten lottery next week. In viewing schools we focused on the ones that are placing the least focus on testing. I’m sure lots of kids will take lots of tests and be fine with it, but do they really need to be tested now? Or starting in first grade? It feels really wrong.

Did Jodie Foster Come Out At The Golden Globes Or Not?: I read a lot of great posts about Jodie Foster coming out at the Golden Globes this week. This one is one of my favorites.

What did you enjoy online this week?

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