School Lunch


For the past two weeks we’ve been visiting our local Boston public schools as we prepare to register Roozle for the kindergarten lottery. The way it works: you choose as many schools as you want that are in your zone and get wait listed at the top three. Those top three are not necessarily your favorite three. Which means that some great schools may not even make your list because you like another school better that has better chances to get in. It’s tricky. And frustrating.

And each of these schools provides 20 minutes for lunch. That includes the time it takes to get to the cafeteria. And open everything. One of the schools has the younger children eat in their classrooms. A parent told us that his son was so proud when he was big enough to eat in the cafeteria, and then started bringing home a full lunch box everyday.

The cafeterias were generally pretty small. The tables seemed too big. I remembered my elementary school cafeteria certainly being much bigger. Then I remembered that I was much smaller. I wondered how big it really was.

After lunch, they have a twenty minute recess. One of the schools extends that to 50 minutes because they think it’s just not enough. Another school takes the younger kids out as needed because it’s not enough. The other schools do what they can and provide really active after school programs to make up for the limited time outside.

Overall, the schools we are seeing have limited resources, great kids, and great teachers. This morning we will visit the last school on our list. It will determine our plan.

Then we need to teach Roozle how to eat faster.

Author: Casey

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