Around Here


Around here the weather has been warm enough to walk our babies. Warm enough to lighten up on the jacket and hat rules. Nice enough for a few late night walks to the store. The snow returns tonight, but the break was very nice.


Around here we work on Madeline puzzles before school and again before dinner and listen to Madeline music before bed. Roozle can now proudly complete the puzzle on her own. Then takes it apart to start again.


Around here we’ve started juicing a bit again. I’m still a little grossed out by it but am making progress. Roozle loves making the juice. Especially when the carrots fly out of the top and across the kitchen. We’re a bit out of practice.


Around here there are lots of shenanigans in the kitchen. Climbing on cabinets, getting into the fridge, standing on the table, it’s clearly winter and we’re missing the playground.

What are you up to these days?

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Author: Casey

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