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Sunday I wrote about running into someone we hadn’t seen in a while and asked when we got Roozle.

Monday I admitted that I had a resolution that I was afraid to talk about: Picking up the house. And it’s working. So well that we didn’t even have to pick up at all before our housecleaner came this week because it was all set. That has NEVER happened and was a huge source of Thursday morning stress around here.

Tuesday I wrote about our big resolution last year and how it worked out throughout the year.

Wednesday I posted a video of Roozle reading one of her latest favorite books.

Thursday I wrote about eating organic foods. The comments in this post are my favorite this week. If you already read the post, go back and join in the conversation. It’s a good one.

Friday I loved the internet. This is my weekly link roundup post of everything I’m enjoying online. This week I enjoyed experimenting with some new photo editing for this post. What do you think?

This week I had some trouble with email subscriptions and switched over to FeedBlitz. I am enjoying it so far and am working to move all the wordpress subscribers over to the new service this weekend. Then I will turn off the wordpress subscriptions. You can subscribe to the new service and get LifewithRoozle in your inbox by going here: subscribe.

What did you write this week?

Author: Casey

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