I Love The Internet


I love the internet. The connections, encouragement, support, the experimentation, the art, the words and photos, the community. It totally rules. Here are a few of my favorites from this week.

Twitter 11013

The biggest rule in blogging is that you can’t blog about blogging. But we can tweet about it! Once a month! Thanks to Schmutzie, Laurie, and Neil for another wonderful time and space to learn and share and meet some new great writers with the #BlogNow chat. You guys rule for putting this together.


I recently discovered Bird and Cleaver on Instagram through someone else I follow. Thanks Lindsay for the permission to share a glimpse into your amazing photos. Check them out on Instagram here and their blog here.

Bloggy Goodness:

Have you ever read an article or a book or a blog post and it just sticks with you? Days, weeks, months later you’re still thinking about it? I feel this way about Ann’s post in response to the tragedy in Newtown, Tipping Point.

On The Pressures of Parenthood is a great post about making priorities and losing the guilt as parents. This really struck a chord with me, having missed our chance to can tomatoes this year because we were busy either enjoying the summer or working to get around to it. Perhaps this is the year of jarred store bought sauce! And it’s okay!

And Vikki wins the internet this week by giving her cat a bath: Cat Scratch Fever.

What did you enjoy online this week?

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Author: Casey

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