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This week I read an article saying that parents are choosing to not send organic foods in their children’s lunches because of the stigma that children who eat organic food are snobs. Schools are encouraging parents and caregivers to ignore the stigma and send organic food to lessen the amount of pesticides consumed by the children.

School lunches standing for something more than food isn’t a new concept. I went to private school starting in fifth grade. Looking around the table, you could tell a lot about a friend’s socioeconomic status. Or at least we all thought we could. The most expensive foods were the name brand individually packaged foods. That is still true. I always thought my friend who brought a twinkie and a juice box was rich. Because I brought a sandwich wrapped in foil, an apple, pretzels, and a thermos or water or milk from home. And while my family could afford a box of twinkies and juice boxes for lunch, my parents saw these items as a less healthy choice and a waste of money. So we didn’t get them.

Individually packaged food is expensive. Organic or not.

Roozle’s lunch is organic. She has her little stainless steel container and biodegradable cupcake cups with organic frozen veggies, cut up organic fruit, and usually an organic cream cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread. Most days she drinks water with it out of a BPA free reusable water bottle.

As parents, I like to think that we are all doing our best. Instead of sending a different type of lunch to school for Roozle, I’m going to spend some time teaching her what to do if and when she is called names and labeled because of our family choices.

What do you think?

Are organic foods important in your family’s diet?

Would you change your child’s lunch to avoid being labelled a snob?

Do you think people who eat organic are snobs?

Take a minute to read the original article about this here: Snobby Kids Eat Organic and also a great post by my friend Alexandra over on The Shaping of Ourselves Via The Lunch Box.



Author: Casey

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