Reading with Roozle



Saturday is Library Day around here lately. With Roozle giving up her nap, we find ourselves looking for a bit more to do on weekends besides running errands. Our library is open until 2pm so it’s perfect for a little trip after lunch. Lately we spend our whole time there looking for more Clifford or Madeline books. Biscuit too. Those are the current favorites. Roozle is really into memorizing the stories and reading them back to us. Sometimes she pretends she’s our teacher so we get to see the pictures. That’s my favorite.

Here’s a video of Roozle reading Clifford. It’s awesome.

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As a kid, I don’t really remember many books being my favorites. We always got our books from the library and returned them for more. My favorite was the Reading Rainbow section that had a lot of the books we would see on the show. That ruled.

What are your favorite preschool books? 

Author: Casey

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