The Unspoken Resolution


I wasn’t going to write about it because every time I write about this, I stop doing it, so I didn’t want to say anything. But now that we’re a few days into this and the magic of ruining resolutions by writing about them seems to have worn off a bit, I think it might be safe.

My resolution is to pick up the house before we go to bed.

And yes, I apologize for the awful quality photo above. But the picking up is so dreadful it seemed only fitting for the photo to also be terrible.

In the evenings I consider myself a sinker. I start out okay. I make dinner. Things go alright. Then I sit down. And once I’m on the couch it’s really hard for me to get back up. Then it gets later. And I start to sink. I get lower and lower into the couch, unable to move, deep into it handing off my iPad for my iPhone, lower and lower I go. At some point I’m sunk so deep my knees start to ache and I need to get up and go to bed. Leaving the house however it was left when I started to sink. I hate it.

For the new year, I’m trying to pick up before I go to bed. It’s hard. Really hard. But with Roozle in bed, it’s fast and way easier than in the morning. It means we can start tomorrow with a picked up house. It’s good. And worth it. And working out okay. So far. We will see how long this lasts.

Do you have any unspoken resolutions?

Author: Casey

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