In Case You Missed It

I post everyday. I started it in September and haven’t stopped. On Saturdays I review what I’ve written as a way to both remind myself of what I’m doing and also take a bit of a break.

Sunday we enjoyed our first snow!

Monday I posted the 2012 Year in Review. So much happened this year it was hard to review without missing some. Which I definitely did. And forgot to mention that Roozle quit both ballet and soccer this year. But she didn’t quit school! Hooray!

Tuesday we looked forward.

Wednesday my post about organizing a space to work was featured on DailyBuzzMoms. And we enjoyed the last day of winter break.

Thursday Roozle went back to school. We adjusted but it was a hard morning for her and a hard day for me. Friday was much better.

Friday I loved the Internet.

What did you write this week?

Author: Casey

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