Winter Break

With Roozle’s already too long winter break from school starting with an unexpected full week off because of the flu, this break has been unlike any other.

Screen time rules took a break. As did any kind of guilt.

We worked while Roozle watched the Clifford movie. Or changed her outfit. Or ate popcorn for lunch. She gave up naps which has gifted us with early bedtime and later wake ups allowing us to steal work time into the evening and again in the morning as needed.

We went to the library. And the toy store. And one trip to the playground. And lots of somersaults on the beds and head stands on the couch. There was sliding: frontwards, backwards, head first, feet first, on her knees, and the newly mastered transition from feet first to knees to head first sliding maneuver. And play-dohing, and coloring, and cutting, so much cutting, and jumping and singing, and laughing, and playing.

Tomorrow she goes back to school. It is finally time. And I don’t really want to let her go. We’ve had a great break. A hard one with juggling work and one car and illness, but still, I’m really going to miss having her around so much.

Did you have a winter break?
How did it go?
Do you adjust the rules a bit for school breaks?

Author: Casey

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