Year in Review: 2012

year in reviewThis year felt like a big one. Because it was.

We became vegetarian. We discovered iPhoneography. Roozle went on her first ferry. And her first airplane. She fell in love with swimming. And biking. And walking. And scissors. And markers. And Pippi Longstocking. And lots and lots more. And it totally rules.

We went on our first vacation together. I went on my first overnight trip away from Roozle ever.

The Day the MBTA Saved a Bunny and a Little Girl’s Heart went viral. Complete with a press conference and front page stories. The story even made the list in the top 15 local news stories for CBS Boston this weekend. Totally fun.

I Got Saved at Jesus Camp got more comments of support and encouragement than any post I’ve ever written. Or imagined. So awesome. The world is changing. Good things are here and I believe better things are coming.

Adventures as a Family of Three was syndicated by BlogHer, my very first paid writing opportunity ever. SO AWESOME.

This year has been about experimenting. I’ve tried new things online. I’ve met new people. Friends. I’ve been challenged and loved and supported and questioned. I went to my first BlogHer conference. I’ve learned how to listen a little better. I’ve learned to write a little better. How to take better pictures. How to slow down more. How to love more. How to be a better wife and mother. I’ve practiced mindfulness in a real way in my life and balanced out some extremes. I can’t wait to see what next year has for me and this little family of ours. There’s so much more to see and learn and I look forward to taking it all in.

Thank you for being here. For the comments and subscriptions and likes and shares. Thank you for the support and encouragement and so much awesome. I love being here and doing this. You all make it easier for me to push myself a little further and go a little deeper. You all are my¬†accountability. You are my encouragement to do more and do better and be the best I can be. Thank you for coming back again and again. Even if you weren’t here, I’d still be doing this, because I just have to, but you make it way more awesome.

Life rules. Happy New Year.

Author: Casey

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