The First Snow

There’s something special about the first snow. It’s whiter. Feels a little less cold somehow. And it’s incredibly exciting. This first snow storm of the season happened last night, just after Roozle went to bed but before we did. We slept with the curtains open so we could watch it fall as we fell asleep.

Roozle had forgotten that she loves the snow. She forgot that it’s not so cold when you are wearing your snow clothes. She forgot that she really likes those boots after she’s been wearing them for a few minutes.

Luckily, our neighbor texted that she and her daughter and their awesome dog, Huck, pictured above, were headed out to play. That was the extra push she needed to get going. And once she was out there, she was in love all over again.

We shoveled and dug and threw snow and ate snow and laughed and tried to run and slipped a bit on the ice and got out the sleds.

We sledded over snow and ice and rocks and bare sidewalk down to the latte store. We snacked and warmed up and Roozle got honey on her chin and in her hair. Then we sledded home for a warm bath and some quiet time of organizing the house and reading library books. The first snow totally rules.

How was your weekend?

Author: Casey

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