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Sunday we organized and cleaned and donated to get ready for all the new awesome toys and clothes and shoes Roozle came home with on Christmas Eve after a trip to visit my family.

Monday Roozle wore her new winter dress. And sang Jingle Bells 50,000 times. It ruled.

Tuesday we ate snowman snacks and played a lot of Candyland.

Wednesday we jumped and played and jumped and coughed and ran.

Thursday I made space for working and ended up just working at the dining table or kitchen island anyway. And it ruled.

Friday I loved the internet.

What did you write this week?

Pictured above: Roozle and I took a trip to Toys R Us yesterday to waste time and get out of the house while our house cleaner was here. She went up to this car and looked at Mickey and then asked, “What IS this?” She has no idea. I didn’t tell her. She decided after a minute that it was for babies and she didn’t fit and got out.

Author: Casey

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