I Love The Internet

I loved the internet this week. Holiday pictures. Resolution planning. It totally ruled.

On Twitter:

Twitter was all about the holidays this week. Christmas. New Year’s. Shopping. All of it. Awesome. As usual. Though a bit more quiet than I like it to be.

On Pinterest:

I love this idea. Write down awesome things all year and read them on New Year’s Eve. This totally rules. We are defintely going to do this in 2013. See the pin here.

On Instagram:
This week I started following Naomi again after not following her for a bit. I sometimes get overwhelmed with the super popular instagram accounts with the person posting a terrible photo and getting 50,000 likes and comments and someone not as popular posting something so awesome at the same time and not getting any likes at all. I find that aspect of this whole game frustrating and take a break from the Big Players sometimes. It’s not their fault, of course. And this one, well, you can see why her instagram account is so popular. It totally rules. Her use of color and light. And those kids. Oh man. So cute. So good. I’m glad I got over myself and started following again. You can find Naomi’s instagram feed here. And tell her I sent you.

Bloggy Goodness:
With still working full time this week, and traveling a bit for Christmas Eve, and having Roozle home all week, I’m way behind on my blog reading. Even when I’m behind, I still try to follow some of my favorites via their links on twitter and facebook (Promote your work people! Otherwise we might not see it! And you totally rule!) Here are some of my favorites from this week.

Susan deals with the gratefulness factor in gift giving to kids in her post on mamanongrata.com.

Kristen asks how you do the holidays in her talkback tuesday post this week on rageagainsttheminivan.com.

Alexandra writes about the holiday pressure to be perfect in her post about the holidays on gooddayregularpeople.com.

KJ Dell’Antonia works through Too Much Stuff and her struggle to go overboard with the holidays on motherlode.

And my favorite this week is Jessica’s post about family traditions at houseofhabit.com.

The internet rules. Share the love, share this post. That rules too. And nominate your own work or someone else’s on my fancy new nominations page. I know. It’s totally fancy.

What did you love online this week?

Author: Casey

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