Preparing Your Home for the Holidays

One thing that is universal to most winter holiday celebrations is gifting. Whether it’s homemade gift for solstice, a gift swap at the office, a visit from Santa, or just the visit to the grandparents house that returns home with a full car.

So how can you prepare for this?

Make space.

I started in Roozle’s room. She “helped” me put together a few boxes of her toys to donate and we listed the items for free on a local website and put them on the porch. The boxes were gone within the hour.

She now has three empty bins for potential new toys.

And an empty shelf.

And some room in her closet.

Much better.

I am now going to make my way through the rest of the house. When we moved here we said the biggest flaw was the lack of closet space here, but now I just see it as a challenge to keep our stuff to a minimum. Before more comes in, more has to go out.

My helper wore her birthday crown and played with everything I tried to put in the boxes. At the end, she was glad to give her toys away, thankfully.

How do you make space for the holidays?

Author: Casey

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