I Love The Internet

I didn’t post I Love The Internet on Friday. Because I didn’t love the internet. It was full of heartbreak and sadness and not enough information and too much information and all the wrong information. Everything was wrong. There was nothing you could say. Nothing you could do. For those who prayed, they prayed. We lit our candles. We cried. We made space in our hearts to hold those broken families tight. Because that’s all we could do.

But then, I realized, I do love our online community in times like these. Yes. The information comes too fast. And yes, a lot of it is wrong. And yes, now is the right time to talk about gun laws. And yes, we need to start the serious conversation about mental health in this country.

It is here that we can share our broken hearts with one another. Here we are broken, here we shine the light, and here we find out what to do.

Over and over on Friday and Saturday I watched the tweets of parents, of my friends, just LOVE their kids. We all wanted to get them out of school early on Friday. Not because we were scared, which we are, we are terrified, but because we just wanted to see them. We wanted to hold them. To know they are safe and be sure we are loving them enough. We let them watch shows and stay up late and eat pizza and cookies and whatever they wanted. We cherished them and gave them a free pass because we are just so thankful they are here. They are safe. And we held them even tighter for all the parents that cannot hold their babies anymore. Our hearts are broken together. In our homes. At our tables. In our communities. And online.

Please send your love, light, prayers and whatever else you can pull together to Victoria, a member of the BlogHer community, who lost her nephew Noah in this tragedy.

Author: Casey

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