The Fifth Light

Roozle opened a new book this morning, “It’s Winter.” We read it four times while she ate 5 crackers. We don’t let her have crackers for breakfast but she has tricked us into letting her have one cracker per candle. It was a fine idea on day 3. Three crackers. Today she had 5. Soon there will be 12 crackers for breakfast. I guess we didn’t really think that through.

After blowing out the candles, and not burning her hair or face (success!!), she made a bookmark for her new book with her name on it so she can bring the book to school to share today.

One week from today is the winter solstice!

Have a lovely weekend. May you find the time to celebrate the last days of autumn, the shifting of the season, and the end of the year.

(Don’t worry. I Love The Internet will be posted later today).

**We aren’t worried about Riley eating crackers for breakfast, we just don’t like her having them because it’s all she will eat so we try to have her eat something a bit more substantial in the morning like a whole wheat bagel and fruit.**

Author: Casey

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