First Light of Winter

This year we are celebrating the 11 days leading up to the winter solstice by lighting a candle each day and giving Roozle a small gift. We had originally planned for this to happen after dinner each night, but we will celebrate a few mornings because having 12 nights together may not work with our schedule. The mornings are certainly dark enough.

This morning Roozle opened a new package of paints and snowman pajamas. It was very exciting. She spent the morning painting our salt dough ornaments we made yesterday.

The gifts are under the tree and numbered which seemed like a really good idea last night and is feeling like not such a good idea today, as Roozle has already tried to open an extra one.

We will see how that goes.

On the last day, the 12th night, it will be winter solstice and we will celebrate with a feast with friends and the biggest of the small presents. The birthday ring will have 12 candles in it. This also seemed like a good idea until I realized that lighting the candles every day will make us go through candles way faster than I prepared for. We may need to become candle makers by the end of this.

I enjoyed the light of the candle this morning and some coffee, watching Roozle paint in the dim light and thinking of the increasing darkness over the next two weeks that will then shift to greater light.

Author: Casey

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