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This week felt a bit busier than usual. Too much to do, not enough time, not enough coffee or sleep. All of us struggling with a big of a harmless but wear-you-down-kind of cold. This unscheduled weekend of doing whatever we feel like whenever we want is welcomed.

In case you missed it:

Sunday we picked up our solstice tree by bike, for the second year in a row. This immediately reignited my (and Roozle’s) strong desire for a cargobike. I am hoping to find time to write more about this sometime this coming week.

Monday I wrote about poor Roozle’s broken heart and big awful hard struggle with choosing to give up her soothers the night before. A few people asked us on facebook this week why we didn’t just give them back to her or buy new ones after it became so clear that it was so hard. The reason is that she chose this. We didn’t. She wanted it and chose to give them up on her own. We chose to honor that decision and help her through the struggle on the other side. It was hard, but she is SO proud. We are proud of her too. Even though it has really messed with our bedtime routine.

Tuesday I made Roozle a very fancy dinner, per her request after seeing it on the bog of target sandwich bags. Good thing this kid has never seen Food Network! I can barely handle this!

Wednesday I wrote a bit about the impossibility of getting Roozle to sleep without soothers. It’s getting easier, but she is still requiring me to lay with her. Which meant that I fell asleep with her at 9:00 last night. Maybe I need to start getting up early in the morning (HA!) to find time for myself again?

Thursday Roozle ate lunch. She always eats lunch, but I haven’t taken photos of it in a while because she has ruined the awesome white table I used to take my Roozle’s Lunch photos on. I suppose I could just use a different table. Hadn’t really thought of that.

Friday I loved the internet. Obvs. And my little tweet to Huffington Post was included in a post there about the announcement by the Supreme Court that they are taking on gay marriage. Awesome.

What did you write this week?

Pictured above: Roozle drew a snowman holding a baby snowman to hang in the hallway.

Author: Casey

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