I Love The Internet

I loved the internet this week. It was full of ideas, hilariousness, and general awesome. Here are some of my favorites.

On Twitter (read from the bottom up for the correct timeline of these tweets):

One day this week I was having a hard day. Everything felt frustrating and hard. I jumped on twitter for a break and saw this stream of awesome from Jonna who thought she lost her keys and then found out that her husband had them. I jumped in at the beginning and saw it unfold. I love twitter for stuff like this. I laughed (at you? with you?) out loud. Glad you found your keys.

On Instagram:

One of my most favorite things about Instagram is the removal of a language barrier. It totally doesn’t matter at all that I’m an idiot American that only speaks Boston. I mean, English. Or is it english? See? I can’t even handle my own language. BUT THE PRETTY PICTURES. I can totally do that! I’ve been following Frauwien for a bit. I have no idea if she found me first or if I found her. I have no idea who she is or what she does or even what her name is, but I follow her on Instagram and adore her photos. Holiecrap you guys her kid is so cute. And maybe it’s not even her kid? Maybe she’s a nanny? No one knows! I guess a lot of people probably know. And her blog is probably in english but I don’t even know because I’ve never looked because OMG YOU GUYS THE PICTURES.

On Pinterest:

With winter solstice coming up (eek! quickly!) and talk of some gifts and trying not to get caught up and getting caught up and then trying not to again, there’s been lots of talk of a doll house for Roozle. The final plan is to gift her some furniture but repurpose the house. Apparently this is a pretty awesomely popular idea on pinterest. There are so many awesome bookcase dollhouses, cardboard ones, shelf ones, hand made, repurposed, so fun. So totally fun. I played with Barbies as a kid. (I KNOW.) And was a big fan of laying out the house plans with hockey tape (!!) on the carpet with little squares for rooms, openings for doors, and a spot for the jeep of course. It ruled. I eventually got the Barbie Townhouse. You know the one. It had an ELEVATOR. That ruled. But I still loved my Hockey Tape Barbie Houses best. Here’s the pin for this awesome bookcase dollhouse: pinterest.

Bloggy Goodness:

PhDinParenting’s post about answering your kid’s questions is still one of my favorites. Annie mentioned it this week on twitter (and in a recent post) and reminded me how much I love love love it. Especially now that Roozle asks A LOT of questions. Does anyone know why she raises the volume of her questions when we are in public? Read Annie’s post here at phdinparenting.com.

MamaNonGrata wrote about trying to be a writer with your kid trying to “help.” Yes. This. This week I’ve lost a few of my evenings trying to help Roozle settle herself to sleep. And I guess that’s not really settling herself at all. That’s usually my time for writing so for a second I thought I could do some of that from Roozle’s bed. Because I need to lay there and ignore her anyway (if we talk or if I’m not doing anything, I either fall asleep or she stays up for hours talking to me). But it’s really impossible. So I play Words with Friends and dream of time alone to write. And it often doesn’t happen. I stayed up too late last night and then finished this post this morning with Max and Ruby playing the background. Ruby was trying to write a book. it was perfect. In that totally not perfect kind of way. Check out Susan’s post here at mamanongrata.com.

And if you have the time this weekend, please send lots of love here, here, and here. While there’s a lot of humor, writing, thinking, love, and awesome online, there’s a lot of vulnerability, pain, and struggle too. So much of why I love this community is because we all show up. Even when it’s hard.

What did you enjoy online this week?

Author: Casey

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