What if this is it?

What if this is really it? Not in a we’re all going to die tomorrow kind of way, but more like, what if this life we’re living is the life we’re going to live for a really long time? The job you’re in is the one you’re going to retire from. No more kids. Or no kids at all. No new partner. This is it.

In this culture of always looking ahead to the next big thing, the thought of this, all of this, being just it, feels terrifying.

But it doesn’t have to. Maybe this, all of what you have right here, is your big chance. You can fix what is broken, without running away. You can settle in, focus, do good things. Great things. With what you already have. With what you’re already established in. You will live within your means. You will ask for help. You will be more patient and kind. You will make time for yourself.

Because this is it. It really is.

This moment is all we have. Be present. This is it.

Author: Casey

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