Let’s Give

It’s Giving Tuesday! I had no idea what this was until yesterday but I’m totally into it. Let’s do it! Here are five awesome ways to give that totally rule.

1. Sponsor a Child

You can sponsor a child through World Vision. We sponsored a child, Nandani, in India, last week after reading about Eden Riley’s great adventure with World Vision to India where she met the child she sponsored before she left. So awesome. World Vision is a Christian organization, but appear to be pretty good with their rules of separating the church and the help they provide. I’m just getting to know the organization a bit at a time, but am liking what I’m finding so far. You can read an interesting article about World Vision and the LGBT community here.

2. Buy a Goat

Did you know you can buy a goat in someone’s name and Save the Children will send a card to the person you donated for? I love this so much. The card encourages more giving and helps to connect the recipient to the giving. Totally rules. My brother is going to love the idea of his vegetarian sister buying a goat for a family for him. You can also donate towards education or other food sources. I just like the goat idea the most. Donate towards a preschool education, buy a goat, do something awesome for someone who needs your help at savethechildren.org. You can also read about PhDinParenting‘s recent trip to Bangledesh with Save the Children here.

3. End Childhood Hunger

I found out about the amazing work No Kid Hungry is doing through a post Dresden wrote this week about her own experience with food assistance. Kids need access to healthy and safe food. Awesome programs like this make sure that happens. You can donate to No Kid Hungry at nokidhungry.org.

4. Feed the Sick

Community Servings a not-for-profit organization that makes and delivers healthy meals to the critically ill and their families here in Boston. Their kitchen is based near Roozle’s school so we can smell the chicken soup many mornings at drop off. It’s a great reminder to take care of those around us who need a little extra help. A donation of $25 can feed a critically ill client for a week. Check them out at communityservings.org.

4. Give a Bike

Transform a community with BIKES! Support Bikes Not Bombs, a non-profit organization that provides donated bikes to commmunities in Boston and in the Global South. So awesome. We love this place and have bought four bikes from them. Because they totally rule. Bikes rule. Bikes to help people rule even more. You can donate at bikesnotbombs.org or if you are local to Boston you can buy a bike, shop at their store, or donate a bike you may have that you aren’t using.

What’s your favorite charity?

Photo by me from my trip to India in 1998.

Author: Casey

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