Fever Mode

We are in Fever Mode over here. Since Friday Roozle has been a fire ball of fever.

We’ve been giving her Motrin every six hours since Friday. The fever was breaking through it at hour three but now is a bit better, making it until hour five. I’m not a fever hater for the little ones, but Roozle is a spiker. She can easily jump up in minutes and I hate that. And when it happens, her little eyes glaze over, she’s as hot as can be and just not with us. That’s way too scary for me, so once we see a number over 102, the Motrin is out. Yesterday she got up to 103.9. HATE. I slept with her in her bed last night so I could check on her through the night.

This afternoon she was much better but then after a quick trip to the store for much needed groceries, she spiked again. I called the nurse so we are taking her in tomorrow.

We’ve watched Pippi Longstocking and Madeline about 300 times. Lots of naps. Snacks to keep food in her belly to absorb the Motrin a bit. Tons of water and juice. And life on the couch.

Being sick isn’t fun. Poor Roozle.

Author: Casey

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