Did you know I’m scared of the dark?

I have twenty minutes before I have to run off to class. Actually, to run off to get a latte before class. I do my best thinking with coffee. So this free writing is before coffee. You lose. I’m sorry. Imagine how amazing this would be if I had the time to do this after I had coffee? But I won’t. I will go to my class, sit down to steal a few minutes of writing before it starts. I will have good intentions. I always do. And then I will spend the time on twitter or talking to my classmates. That’s fine. Both are totally fine. And awesome. But I need to write. Because I post every day here and signing up for NaBloPoMo suddenly created some pressure for something I had been doing for months with ease. Except for when I went to BlogHer and didn’t post anything for a few days. Because I was too nervous. And then I was too excited. And then I got nervous again.

I was going to write about taking the train. And how I really love it and wish I could do it every day and no matter how I work it out, I just can’t do it. Especially since I’m totally afraid of the dark. Did you know that? It’s awful. And this whole time change back to normal time which is really just dark time is the worst for me. Not because I need some fancy light to make me not sad. No, not that. I’m not sad. I’m just totally scared of the dark and think there are bad guys lurking everywhere. So going to this little class of mine has turned into no longer a fun moment to take photos of the sunset, but HOLIECRAP BAD GUYS!

I hate that. I like summer way better. Way less scary. And now? It’s time for coffee. And this had nothing to do with the train.

Author: Casey

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