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This week’s theme was apparently: Climbing and Jumping. Look carefully at the above photo and you will see my little Roozle’s noggin peeking above the fridge. Good job free range climber. Just help yourself to a snack while you’re up there.

We got her an inside slide this week that has seemed to make the climbing problem worse. With more practice comes more confidence. OH NO. At least we can remind her when she is climbing through the house that she should be on her slide. That is working. And she’s napping like a sleepy climbing champion which totally rules. So all is well.

In other news, you know how you’re not supposed to blog about blogging? HA! I LAUGH IN THE FACE OF YOUR RULES.

Here’s what happened over here this week, in case you missed it.

On Sunday we revisited our screen time rules for Roozle. I’m starting to realize that at this point in Roozle’s little life, a little screen time is not poison and can be helpful for all of us. She enjoys it. We enjoy it. Limiting it a lot on weekdays is totally required though, as we have a bit of an overstimulated Roozle on our hands on school days. Sunday:

Monday I wrote about Patrick, Roozle’s cat. Later in the week Patrick ended up at the vet and scared us a bit, but all is well now. PHEW. While I totally understand that cats who eat trash don’t usually live as long as the ones who only eat cat food, the thought of dealing with losing him and having to explain all of that to Roozle made my heart burst, so I am extra grateful that he is just fine.

Tuesday I wrote about the BIG announcement that Roozle can now jump off the bottom of the slide at the playground and the other announcement that I am now working with the most awesome people in the internet world on If you are on instagram, please follow us, because it’s me, and tag all your super gay photos with #lesbianfamily so I can feature them!

Wednesday I wrote You Saved My Life.

Thursday I tried to convince Roozle not to eat turkeys and was incredibly unsuccessful. Next time I will come up with a much more violent description of turkey murder. For now, she’s totally excited about eating turkey with my parents for Thanksgiving. #vegetarianfail

Friday I loved the internet.

What did you write this week?

Author: Casey

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