I Love The Internet

This week I loved the internet. I didn’t love real life too much, being pulled in too many directions, unable to ever really get a good grip and always wanting to do way more than I was able to do. But online, life totally ruled.


This week we took our cat, Patrick, to the vet after a week of throwing up a bit of blood every day. The diagnosis is that he’s constipated. I think he’s constipated because he ate something bad (like tape) and it’s stuck. My favorite twitter moment this week is when everyone jumped on board with the poop jokes. It definitely made that bill hurt a little less. And the tests are back, Patrick will be fine.


I’m loving the inside activities lately. We got Roozle a giant slide for her room this week and I will be grabbing a piece of wood from the woodshop we work for soon to make a balance beam. We don’t have a yard and have a small apartment so keeping Roozle physically occupied can be a challenge in colder months. We do lots of bike riding with the Burley trailer and blankets and lots of climbing through the house. A balance beam added to the mix would totally rule. You can see this pin here.

One of my favorites on Instagram is @MotherBumper. The way she works with color totally blows my mind. I am also just discovering statigr.am which is a nice way to look at more of someone’s feed on a computer rather than just on the phone. Go take a look at this one for sure, spend some time there. So good. I had a hard time deciding how to screen shot it because no matter how I did it, I was leaving out SO much. Katie also blogs at motherbumper.com which I will be adding to my reader tonight.

Bloggy Goodness:
My blog reader is totally overrun with awesome that I need to catch up on because of NaBloPoMo.

All of you writers are writing! Life rules!

This week, I spent a bit of time on the NaBloPoMo soup post where people are listing their blogs (I did that for a few days but keep forgetting). There I discovered some good ones, but these two are my favorite this week.

Oneofseventeen.wordpress.com and faithinambiguity.blogspot.com. I am going to spend some time this weekend reading through both, but I’m already totally into it. Oneofseventeen will break your heart into a million pieces. And faithinambiguity will make you think. Both of which I need from time to time. Some thinking. And some perspective.

What did you enjoy online this week?

Author: Casey

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