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This week started with the arrival of Roozle’s newest best friend, Bella. We considered waiting until Winter Solstice to wrap her up, but the end of Daylight Saving Time meant we had a lot of extra time in the morning this week. Perfect for playing with a new rainbow haired friend. And I’m the worst secret keeper in the world. I’m so glad we don’t celebrate Christmas. I would ruin it, for sure, every time.

Monday I presented our meal plan for the next two weeks. AND IT’S WORKING.

Tuesday I voted!

Wednesday I posted a letter to Roozle about gay marriage.

Thursday I wrote about Roozle’s apple snacking.

Friday I loved the internet. Life rules.

What did you write about this past week? Leave a link to your favorite self-written post in the comments. Writing rules. 

Author: Casey

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