I Love The Internet

The internet totally ruled this week.

I had a moment where I thought I may need a tv to watch the election results, but couldn’t manage to get to one without more effort than I could bear, so I went with the radio and twitter. It ruled.


I was full of nervous energy early this week about the election so I spent a bit of time on Pinterest researching ideas for organizing my freezer. That’s what you do when you’re nervous too, right?


I’ve been really enjoying the Instagram feed of Benedicte Lassalle. She is a French Photographer living here in Boston for a bit. She photographed us as a part of her Coming Out Project she’s currently showing at the Brattleboro Museum. Since we met, I’ve been watching her work on Instagram. I am really enjoying how she is evolving her Instagram style. I am especially enjoying her photos while being in Vermont recently for the opening of her show.

Bloggy Goodness:
I loved this post by Kristie Helms about working at the polls and the excitement of Election Day.

And in very big internet news: LesbianFamily.com was relaunched this week! All my favorites online have been blogging over there this week.

November is National Blog-A-Lot Month. I have been spending a bit of time discovering new blog posts to read. Here are three from this week.
The physicality of procrastination.
A rant about the politics of school.
Anxious Electorate.

What did you love online this week?

Author: Casey

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