Can I have a snack?

Roozle is a snacker. She’s always asking for one or moving furniture to climb into the cabinet to get one. First we tried the Breakfast Bar. That worked great until it didn’t. She was taking too much and leaving it everywhere. Leaving the cereal containers open. Then we tried the bins in the door of the fridge. That worked for a while, then our house was overrun with half eaten yogurts.

Last week, I put out a snack table. It has dried fruit, apples, bananas, and raisin boxes. Nothing else. And the rule is:  you can have anything from this table whenever you want. And it’s working. She asks for a snack just before dinner. We say no. Then she tries to trick us and says, “But can I have an apple?” OH OF COURSE! And yes, it means we have a few half eaten apples heading to the compost, but this is working so much better. The apples aren’t ruining her appetite so she’s still eating meals just fine. They aren’t messy. The dog doesn’t steal them. They are healthy. And in season. It’s totally working.

How do you handle toddler snacking?

Author: Casey

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