The Day After: A Letter To My Daughter

My Dear Daughter,
The world you were born into is changing. In 2004 when I married your Mama, I feared for you. I feared for the day you would be born into this world. For the day I would have to explain the hate to you. The day I would have to explain to you that there are people in our country that fight hard against us. Against our family. Against our love.

But today is a new day. That fear has been lifted in a new way.

The fear has been replaced with hope.

Because yesterday four states were asked if we should be a family. This question has been asked before. But unlike the other times, last night THE PEOPLE SAID YES.

This world is changing for you, for us. While there will always be hate, there will always be opposition, we’ve reached a tipping point. The love is starting to win.

It is no longer just us, standing together but standing alone. We have allies. A lot of them. They are fighting for us. I think it’s going to be okay. A lot sooner than I ever imagined.

I am proud to be your Mommy. I am proud to raise you in this world. I am relieved and hopeful that the allies are growing and our little family is going to be okay.

May you walk with the strength of the fight through your life. You are loved. You are wanted. And now, your family is supported.


photo by Kelly Lorenz

Author: Casey

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