3 Steps to Successful Meal Planning


1. Keep It Simple
2. Make A Plan
3. Follow The Plan

I am finally ready to stop the cycle of our current meal plan: eat pasta at home, eat out, or get take out. It has to stop. Roozle is getting pickier by the hour and it’s making me nervous. I know that pickiness is a thing and not necessarily the family’s fault. In this case, though, it would totally be my fault. I’m the meal planner. The cooker. The shopper. And I’ve been failing. The time has come to change it. So here we go!

Here’s our plan for the next two weeks. It’s simple. Made up of a few frozen meal starters, easy fruits and vegetables that we have plenty of and are quick to put together. Yes, we do have three nights of pasta a week. We’re starting off slow and easy. And full of stuff that Riley will eat. My thought is we first need to get into the rhythm of this, then start making some healthier choices.

I’m using the app Numbers on the iPhone/iPad so I have quick access to it for review and adjustments. I already had the app, so it was easy to throw together a quick and dirty spreadsheet.

We can totally do this. We just need to actually do it. My goal is to follow the plan for the next two weeks then make adjustments as necessary.

Do you plan your meals?

How do you do it?

Author: Casey

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