5 Things That Ruled

A lot of people on Facebook and Twitter have been posting about daily gratitudes lately. I am enjoying reading about what other people are enjoying. Sometimes we get caught up in the struggle and forget to stop and think about and share what rules. Because even when things are hard, there are still those small moments that totally rule, but sometimes you have to look a little harder to find them.

1. It’s hot latte season. For real. In the summer, I drink iced coffee everyday, but hot latte season is my favorite. We get lattes every morning at Fazenda, our neighborhood coffee shop. Riley calls it The Latte Store. They had a billboard come down from their roof during the storm and my first thought was: I hope everyone is okay. My second thought was: OH NO MY LATTES! Luckily, everyone was fine and The Latte Store was unharmed. PHEW.

2. Realizing that my new favorite snack is also the best bath toy ever. I am a yogurt hater. Or I was. Until I discovered this kangaroo kind. It’s so good. And Roozle loves the cups in her bath. Awesome because when she’s done with them, we can just recycle and give her new ones.

3. Letter work with Roozle is really picking up. We are enjoying these sandpaper letters to use on the chalkboard. This morning we were playing school and Roozle put out the letters for me to write. Totally fun. It’s great to be using the chalkboard again too, as she wasn’t very interested in it for a while.

4. I am really enjoying taking pictures lately, too. We went on a quick road trip to Vermont this weekend and I enjoyed seeing the sky, the trees, the whole trip through the lens of my iPhone.

5. An Indian Dinner picnic! Last night we were too tired when we got home from our little roadtrip adventure to make dinner, so we ordered Indian. A family favorite, although I think Roozle’s just in it for the naan. I sat on the floor to play with Roozle and decided that I was too tired to get back up to eat dinner so we had a picnic! Roozle laid out towels for all her friends to join us too. They love Indian dinner.

What did you enjoy this week?

Author: Casey

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