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Sunday I wrote about the election getting personal. Have you unfriended or unfollowed anyone because of the upcoming election? I haven’t, but have come close. And perhaps some have unfollowed me, which is fine. I am okay with people needing to set boundaries for themselves, although I am a bigger fan of just unsubscribing for a bit, and making a list to resubscribe after the election. But I’ve had a bad experience with being blocked so I really do try not to do to others what others have done to me that was hard for me to work through.

Monday I wrote about getting ready for the hurricane. Boston wasn’t hit very hard and we didn’t lose power, but I was incredibly anxious all day. I’ve learned that I really need to be more prepared for this kind of thing. That preparation helps to make me less anxious. Not having flashlights with batteries or much food ended up stressing me out. A lot. I also learned that wine helps. A lot.

Tuesday I wrote about our little family bike ride we took last week. Now that Roozle has her new helmet, I’m excited to get on the bikes more often.

Wednesday was Halloween. Roozle wore her costume for our morning walk, then went trick or treating to the local businesses in our little neighborhood’s downtown. Next year we plan to go to that part a little earlier, as trick or treating in our neighborhood wasn’t as excting as I thought it would be. Roozle loved all the lollipops, refused to eat any chocolate and tried a few new things, but didn’t really like much. I asked her to make a pile of what she liked and another pile of what she didn’t want. She chose about 10 pieces to keep. Five of them were pieces she took out of what we were giving out: organic lollipops and organic gummy bears. I think that the experience was a little overwhelming for her, so she went with what she’s familiar with.

Thursday I wrote about Roozle having a hard time with lunch time management at school. I quickly learned from the comments on this post, that this is a very common problem and unfortunately will only get worse as Roozle gets older and goes into public school. For now, talking about it a lot and planning out her lunches is helping.

Friday I loved the Internet.

What did you write about this week?

Author: Casey

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