I Love The Internet

I love the internet. It rules. The connections. The checking in on friends. The challenges. The incredible beauty of the work. The art. The vulnerability. It’s just all so good.

On Twitter:
This week my favorites on twitter are all related to Hurricane Sandy. I followed Twitter closely as the hurricane progressed as we don’t have a tv and didn’t want the radio on with Roozle in the house.


On Instagram:
One of my favorite Instagrammers, @MommyShorts, went off the grid just after the hurricane. I hadn’t realized how invested I was in her family until I didn’t know if she was okay. She and her family are just fine, thankfully. I enjoy her photos greatly. A lot of people on Instagram use a similar style with all their photos. I enjoy that Ilana takes each photo where they are meant to go, using a variety of filters and techniques. This experimentation and exploration are so much of what I love about Instagram itself so @MommyShorts has easily become a favorite.

On Pinterest:
Apparently we’re getting our first snow storm next week. Roozle would LOVE this. It’s so fun. We will try it with our natural food dyes. You can see the original pin here.


Bloggy Goodness:
This week Amanda Soule reflected on what Halloween means to her family and how it has evolved over the years. You can read the post here on soulemama.com.

And as we enter Publish a Blog Post Every Day Month, also known as NaBloPoMo, Elan Morgan reminds us that writing rules and you don’t have to always be perfect or paid or any of the other things our little writer brains tell our big writer hearts to stop us. Just go. Write. You can read the whole post here at Schmutzie.com.

What do you love on the internet this week?

Author: Casey

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