Problem Solving with Roozle

Last week Roozle started talking about “the cricket.”

Me: Riley, why didn’t you finish your lunch today?
Her: Oh. The cricket came very quickly today.

I emailed the teacher. The cricket is a sound the teacher makes to signal the end of lunch. Apparently Roozle likes to socialize during lunch and was having a hard time finishing.

I spoke to Roozle about it. She immediately blamed me for sending too much food. So we’ve been working together and planning her lunches so she has enough to eat, some time for socializing, and not too much so she can be done in time for The Cricket.

It’s working.

We are now sending just one container, at Roozle’s request. Not three. She’s working on not chatting too much and focused on managing her lunch time. So far, so good. And she is VERY proud.

Today’s lunch for Roozle: melon, cheese pizza, frozen veggies, and a yogurt.

Today’s lunch for us: leftover pizza, yogurt, and apples.

What are you having for lunch?

Author: Casey

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