A Weekend Bike Ride

With Hurricane Sandy approaching, we needed to get to a store this weekend but also wanted to grab a few minutes outside before the storm kept us stuck in the house. Perfect time for a bike ride. Roozle put on her monkey costume and new helmet and off we went.

We haven’t been biking with Roozle much lately because both of her helmets no longer fit. One kept slipping back off her forehead and the other was too small. After seeing one of our bikey friends riding around the neighborhood with their son who is a bit older than Roozle wearing a Bern helmet, we decided to go for it. It’s a perfect fit.

It was starting to rain a little bit, but we didn’t mind. Roozle was warm enough in her costume and not complaining, so we let her help us pump the tires and get the trailer ready. If I had known how much we’d be in the house for the next two days, I would’ve had her running around the neighborhood.

We rode to the store, got Roozle her favorite cereal bike snack (I guess we ride to this store a lot), and she enjoyed the ride home warm in the trailer with all the friends she brought. We stopped for lattes, a first time getting hot lattes in our bike cup holders. Not a latte drop was lost. YES.

We were too distracted and the store was too empty to get everything we needed for the storm, so I did have to go out again later, but the trip totally ruled.


I hope you all made it through the storm without too much damage.

Author: Casey

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