When An Election Gets Personal

Maybe I’m naive. Maybe I’m just tired. I am ready for this election to be over. I am ready for my rights and my family to no longer be in the news. To no longer be the focus, good or bad. I’m tired of facebook and the comments, the likes, the sponsored posts. I’m tired of this day where everyone knows who everyone is going to vote for and everyone takes it personally.

I was a Republican for a while. I had reasons. And now I’m not. I will, again, vote for Obama. And never again for a Republican because the Republican platform is more conservative than anything I can support. Because the gay issue is just too much to ignore. I cannot vote against my family. And I am having a hard time thinking about anyone who would be willing to. Family. Friends. It’s hard.

And then there’s so much of me that really does believe that life rules. That there is balance of power in government. That Obama did enough to move gay rights forward. That the courts cannot be stopped. Gay rights are a constitutional issue. Romney couldn’t stop gay marriage in Massachusetts when he was governor. Would he be able to stop us as President? I don’t know. I hope not. I don’t think he is actually as conservative as the platform is at this point. I am encouraged by the fact that he doesn’t seem to stand true to what he says for very long.

Maybe I’m naive. Maybe I’m just tired. All I can do is just hope we will be okay on the other side, no matter how it all ends up.

What has been your experience with this election and the use of social media by friends, family, and the politicians themselves?

Photo by Kelly Lorenz at our second parent adoption. One of the rights we have as a family because we live in Massachusetts.

Author: Casey

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