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Another week of awesome in the archives. Of course there were plenty of not awesome moments. Too busy at work. Never getting dinner right and eating out too much. My dad had surgery. All is well, but it was a bit of a big deal. No school for Roozle on Friday for conferences which is always tricky to manage. Another Saturday morning migraine for me today that I am three rounds of advil into without any help. If anyone has any migraine suggestions, please help. Autumn is awful for me and my headaches.

And now, on to the review.

Sunday was a recap of our favorite local event, the JP Lantern Parade. This one totally rules and was a great chance for Roozle to try out her ridiculously adorable costume.

Monday was a bit of a how-to with the pumpkin crayons. We saved some for here and made some for Roozle’s friends. Roozle is loving them and the dog keeps barking at the bowl as if there’s food in it for some reason. Good job, Zoe.

Tuesday I was in a total panic thinking that Halloween was the next day and posted “Halloween is tomorrow…” Thankfully, my neighbor read the post and texted me that Halloween is actually next week. Good job. The comments are full of great suggestions on how to manage a child’s Halloween candy. We still haven’t decided how to approach it, but I am leaning more towards not giving candy any power by using it as currency. We will see how much Riley gets and if she actually wants any of it. Which is doubtful.

Wednesday I wrote about Roozle’s imagination and using sign language. Is this age possible more awesome than the last? At what point will I stop saying that?

Thursday I wrote about our dog, Zoe. And posted a photo of myself from 9.5 years ago. Pretty hilarious that I have the same haircut right now. I love that dog. And this variation of that haircut.

Friday I loved the internet. Because I always do. It was hard post this week because there was SO MUCH AWESOME online this week it was too hard to pick. I am getting a little stuck on Pinterest though, so if you have any suggestions of who I should be following, I would love to hear them.

Also this week, I caught Roozle signing an incredible Roozle-Version of Shoefly Don’t Bother Me on video. So good. And she’s wearing her new awesome bike helmet through the whole thing. Perfect. You can watch the video here.

Pictured above: Roozle and I walk to the coffee shop every morning and I usually take pictures of her throughout the walk. Mostly because she is TOTALLY BLISSED OUT to walk to the coffee shop every morning. On Tuesday she saw this in a parking lot and asked to walk over to it because “I like dirty things.” And then touched it with one tiny finger, so proud of herself for touching something dirty. It made me laugh all day.

I hope you are having a great weekend. Thank you for reading, liking, sharing, commenting, and totally ruling. Enjoy the weekend!

Author: Casey

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