Discovering Imagination

There’s a lot of pretending going on in our house these days. Usually it’s Mommy & Baby. I’m usually the baby. Or it’s School. I get to the be the student for that one, and Roozle is my teacher. We’re almost always eating snack. Or getting ready for nap. And it’s never pre-school, it’s baby school, so there are all kinds of limits as to what I am allowed to do. Like I can’t run or jump because apparently babies can’t do that. And sometimes I can’t talk. Sometimes I get away with “napping” on the couch (ie: sneaking a few minutes of twitter in while occasionally crying that I need my teacher or mommy to tuck me in). That one’s my favorite.

I realized the other day, I can use this imagination stuff to get Roozle to do stuff. Like last night when she wouldn’t sit still at the table, I pretended she was a baby and suddenly she wanted to sit in a baby highchair. WIN. This morning she didn’t want to get dressed so I asked her if it was because she was a baby and needed her mommy to do it? YES.

Playing Baby is also bringing back a lot of Roozle sign language. Roozle used signs a ton when she was an actual baby (she was using 80 signs consistently and speaking about 40 words at her 18 month well baby appointment). When we first started playing baby, she told us that babies can’t talk so they have to sign. Genius.

I’m thrilled to have the interest in signing come back. And enjoying Roozle making up her own signs, like when she pats her shoulder she says that means she wants a grilled cheese sandwich. Good one, Roozle. This week we’re working on colors and fruit. It rules.

Pictured Above: Roozle playing baby with her doll, Ellen. Here Mommy was helping Baby Ellen learn how to climb. She was very encouraging of Ellen’s great bravery.

Author: Casey

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