Pumpkin Crayons

Last week when I bought the felt for Roozle’s costume, I found a pumpkin shaped silicone mold on sale super cheap. Perfect for shaped crayons.

Yesterday we tried it out to make some as a birthday gift for some of Roozle’s friends.

The hardest part was getting the paper off the crayons. I used my super sharp sewing scissors and carved a line through the paper next to the seam and sliced it down to peel it. Yes, those are the technical directions. Play around with this part and find what works for you that won’t end up with a visit to the emergency room. The biggest part is that you need to do a lot of them, so a method definitely helps.

Roozle was in charge of the breaking and putting in. She loved that part. The crayons were really easy to break once the paper was off. And it totally doesn’t matter how they are arranged in the tray so this part is perfect for toddlers and bigger kids too. We mixed some washable crayons with regular ones and it didn’t seem to make any difference.

Once the tray was full, I put it in the oven, directly on the rack with a cookie sheet under it just in case. I put the oven on 300 for ten minutes, but found it to be super smelly. The next batch I put in at 275 for about 20 minutes and just watched them to see when they were done. This batch didn’t smell at all.

I took them out CAREFULLY when they were done with salad tongs. I slid the tray onto the cookie sheet. Seriously be careful about this part. If you fill your oven with melted crayon you will have to just move. Or buy a new oven. Or cry for the rest of your life. Now that I am writing this, next time I will put the tray into my large pyrex dish. ALL PROBLEMS SOLVED.

So just do that. Don’t mess around with being careful. It’s too scary. And it’s hot.

When they are cool (it doesn’t take long, maybe 30 minutes), you can just pop them out of the tray. I didn’t coat the tray with non-stick spray or anything and had no problems. The crayons rule.


What’s your favorite Halloween craft?

Author: Casey

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