Lantern Parade

The Lantern Parade is our favorite local event. It’s a parade around our local pond. Everyone carries lanterns made out of soda bottles. The children wear costumes. We look forward to it all year. Roozle just stopped talking about how awesome last year’s parade was a few weeks ago, as she shifted to talking about her big plans for this year. This is one of those events where you always talk about bringing the stroller then decide not to and regret it on the long walk back to the car. It’s awesome. And crowded. And dark. Which is the perfect recipe for starting out so awesome and ending so badly.

Luckily this year we ran into Riley’s good friend from school and stayed with his family the whole time. The two kids walked together and chatted excitedly about the darkness and the lanterns. They kept trying to hold hands but couldn’t figure out how to do that and hold their lanterns at the same time. They ended by bravely going up to the boat house to dance to the music. Then we left and our little Rainbow wanted to be carried all the way back to the car. Of course the car was parked a year away.

Roozle’s costume got a lot of attention. She was VERY proud to be a rainbow. I was very proud of making a costume for a child that could be held while still wearing the costume, after last year’s cardboard box child who couldn’t be held. She also discovered a flaw in the sewing of the costume, which she called pockets. I call that WIN.






For more information about the JP Lantern Parade, go here.

Life rules.

Author: Casey

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