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Sunday I was able to finish Roozle’s costume. Tonight is the big Lantern Parade night, so after a week of her asking to wear it everyday, the answer is finally yes!

Monday I wrote about our diet a bit. About how we’re awful about eating out these days and we are focusing on eating non-restaurant food for lunches. This week wasn’t a perfect success, but we’re still trying. I refuse to give up on this one, it’s too easy to fix.

Tuesday was all about Family Favorites dinner at Roozle’s school. She ended up requesting that we bring seaweed for all her friends, which I hate, and we did, but then that was the only thing she ate and the dinner ended in a disastrous tantrum. And all the kids loved the seaweed. My worst nightmare. 14 kids eating seaweed all around me. At least the two other girls sitting at our table didn’t like it. That really would’ve been awful.

Wednesday I wrote about experimenting online. About loving the process. This is one my favorite posts I’ve written in a long time. Mostly because I think about this kind of thing so much. And was inspired to write it after reading someone else’s blog post and that always blisses me out. When one person’s writing inspires another then encourages another. That rules.

Thursday was full of pretzel lunch excitement. Writing this post got me totally excited about the pretzels I was going to have and when I went to get them, MCB told me she gave them away. Sob. My coworker bought me a veggie burger, thus destroying my efforts to not eat out for lunch. But. You guys. SHE GAVE AWAY MY PRETZELS.

Friday I loved the internet. Actually I love the internet always. But I tried to pull together the best of what I’ve found this week. There is so much more awesome out there, but only so much time for linking and screenshotting, you know. There will be more next week. I loved putting this post together and hope to make time for it on Fridays for a while. Until I change everything again, which I do all the time, so don’t ever get too attached.

What was your favorite moment this week?

I mean, besides the best tweet I’ve ever tweeted in my life and should win some kind of tweeter award for.


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