I’ve been thinking a lot about experimenting lately. And how much I enjoy it. I’m not a scientific experimenter. I’m the messy kind. The try it out, mess around and see what works kind. The kind that isn’t afraid of failing, but is enjoying the process of figuring out what works.

I experiment with blogging. I love publishing everyday. Thinking about my life differently. Having experiences, sharing experiences. I love the experimentation of it all. Working with the layout, the writing, the picture editing, the sharing, all of it. I enjoying playing around with it and the fact that with blogging, it’s never done. There’s always a little more to do to make it better. And that sometimes you make it worse while trying to make it better and then you can fix it. Or you can just move on. A new day. New writing. A constant starting over. A daily redo. Doing the work and letting it go. That rules. I enjoy the process. The editing. The letting it go. So good.

I experiment with instagram. The trickiness of not over sharing photos in four places. The experimentation of hashtags. The discovery of editing in apps and over doing it and under doing it and then sometimes getting it just right. The thinking that a photo is awful and getting a great response. Redefining awful. The thinking that a photo is perfect and getting no response. Redefining perfect. So experimenty. So good.

I enjoy learning and trying new things. Sometimes just to see what happens. I don’t hate failing. I barely even notice it usually because I’m just excited about what to do next.

One of the best things I heard at BlogHer was from Alexandra (who is now reading this! Hi!!) who said, “If you think you’re a bad writer, just go back to your first post. Read it. Then read your latest one. See how far you’ve come.” Or something like that. I think this applies to everything. Work. Life. Marriage. Parenting. You’ve come far. And in the middle is the experimentation, the process. Sometimes it’s messy. Sometimes it rules. And then you get to where you are now which is far far away from where you were.

What do you enjoy?

Thank you to Schmutzie for her post that inspired my writing today.

Author: Casey

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