A Broken Diet

I’ve been doing it all wrong. For ages, we’ve tried to save money and eat better by focusing on dinner. We totally missed the fact that the real broken part of our diet starts at the beginning: breakfast. Then lunch. We eat out for lunch at least twice a week. Eating out for lunch is hard. It takes time. It’s annoying. You have to wait in line. The food is never what you thought it would be because you don’t eat it until you’re back at the office. Then it’s only half warm and mostly soggy. And too salty. And expensive.

I started by fixing breakfast. Because we never have it. Ever. MCB needs it or is angry. And I always feel barfy in the morning so I don’t make it. I’ve started to change that. Last week I made egg and cheese sandwiches every day for us to bring to work. That way I didn’t have to eat it right away, MCB was way happier, and we weren’t as starving for lunch. Winning. All around. I noticed that when we did this, we had a lot more flexibility for lunches. A salad or some oatmeal was filling enough to work. Yogurt, fruit, and a slice of homemade pizza. Or some leftovers. It didn’t have to be a big production.

So for right now, I’m starting in the morning. A non-fat latte, some breakfast, a brought-from-home lunch and then we can do what we need to for dinner. At least I won’t feel so bad if we end up with a pizza or going out knowing that the rest of the day was successful.

What’s broken in your diet?

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