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In case you missed it, a lot happened over here last week.

Sunday I wrote about Race, Politics and Privilege and my experience visiting my neighborhood barber shop.

Monday I wrote about Roozle starting to say the word “stupid” and my struggle with it. We’ve decided to pretty much let it go, as she is only saying it in the context of “reading” The Lorax or talking about the story and talking about how they use not-nice words in it. That’s fine with me.

Tuesday we had eggs for dinner and Roozle ate all the food in our house. I think she grew two inches that night.

Wednesday was totally awesome because Roozle turned three and a half. She hasn’t stopped talking about it since. It was really exciting. Even through she didn’t eat much of the cupcake. She’s still not a big fan. More for me!

Thursday I wrote about our latest issue: getting Roozle to drink enough. The comments are full of awesome suggestions. I think we are going to go with getting some little Dixie cups and making a chart with little cups on it so she can color one in each time she drinks a little cup full. That’s on the project list for today.

Friday Roozle surprised us with all kinds of new writing skills. She’s holding a pen or marker like a pro and blowing my mind. I love how one day there’s no sign of anything like this (she still can’t count to 20) then suddenly, she’s copying PIG written on the easel. So fun. I know I say this at every age, but this age totally rules.

Saturday we spent crafting and playgrounding and I posted a little weekly wrap up including links to my favorite posts of the week. And I convinced Roozle to wear jeans. Then died of the cute. OMG.

Life rules. Happy weekend!

Author: Casey

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