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My two favorite Halloween costumes as a child were the handmade Raggedy Ann my mom made and the time I was a nurse pushing my teddy bear in my doll stroller. He was my patient and was wrapped in toilet paper for bandages. That one won an award at our town’s costume parade. It ruled. My brother’s favorite was the store bought Oscar the Grouch costume that was really a modified plastic bag with a picture printed on it and a mask that looked like a plastic plate with an elastic around the back. He wore it three years in a row.

Here in Jamaica Plain, costumes can end up being a pretty big deal. Mostly because the children have so many opportunites to wear them. The weekend before Halloween is the JP Lantern Parade. Our favorite. Then on Halloween there is a parade and trick-or-treating at the shops downtown. After that, we give out candy and treats (our favorite to give out is Play-Doh and stickers) at home and visit neighbors.

Last year, Roozle requested to be a blue monster flying an airplane. We bought a monster hat and made the airplane from an amazon box. This year her requests have included a gorilla, a butterfly, a lion, a tiger, and a purple cat. And all costumes required a matching costume for Ellen, her doll. That part made buying a costume really tricky. While searching for how to make a lion, I came across a rainbow idea on pinterest and knew she would love it. And I could make it out of felt, which is totally easy and I’ve worked with a lot, making birthday crowns. Roozle approved so I was off to the store!

The felt ended up costing $13. And $7 for rainbow babylegs for Roozle (that she hasn’t taken off since Friday night) and $7.50 for newborn babylegs for Ellen (that she also hasn’t taken off).

This is gonna rule.









Author: Casey

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