This Week

This week really feels like fall. It rained. It was cold. We got our puffy jackets out. The heat is on. The lattes are hot. We had soup for dinner. And warm toast for breakfast. As much as I love summer, which I do, I really love fall.

Roozle did a lot of climbing on us before bed. This is her new thing. She wakes me up with five minutes of climbing and leaping off me in my bed every morning. Then climbs on us while we sit on the couch. Morning and night. It’s kinda awesome. And kinda awful. Ha!


From the Internet:

  • Maria Mora wrote with great honesty about the times that aren’t perfect. Parenting can be really hard sometimes. This is a great post. Every parent can see themselves in these words and experiences. You can read the post at
  • This week Alexandra wrote an awesome post about how not to get kidnapped. It rules. You can read the whole post here at
  • Check out my pinterest board: What I’m Reading (the feed is on the side bar of the blog here and updated throughout the week). I am finding this to be a great way for me to put my favorites all in one place or stick a post quickly that I don’t have time to read but will want to go back to later.

      What are you reading?

    Author: Casey

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