In Celebration of Half

At birth, she nursed, she slept, she smiled.
At her first half birthday, she tasted banana for the first time. She giggled. She clapped.

At one, she rolled and couldn’t crawl.
At one and a half, she walked. She explored.

At two, she was still a little one. She signed and laughed and learned new words.
At two and a half, she was a walking, running, jumping, climbing little girl. The ideas were starting to come. The sentences turned into paragraphs. We chatted. We sang.

At three, apparently she couldn’t do anything because she has spent the whole day telling us all the new things she can do now that she’s a big three and a half year old. And half way to four. That’s big on her list. Because being big and growing totally rules. When you’re three and a half.

Happy half birthday to our big kid Roozle. A girl full of ideas and words and wonder and all kinds of awesome.

Life rules.

Author: Casey

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  1. Love it! Happy half birthday Roozle McDoozle! The silliest monkey in the jungle! 🙂

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  2. Happy half birthday!

    My only memory of being three is of wanting to be four. So I guess I get it, though I am well past the time of longing for my next birthday.

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  3. Happy Dance for three and a half!! Our sunshine at any age!! Pocket full of HUGS for our coo coo face, monkey face…..!!! Time flies when life is full of adventures and giggles!! xxxxooo mimi and papa

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